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countergg is a spreadsheet tool (which will become an app in the future) designed to assist solo queue players in preparing for the laning phase of their ranked games in League of Legends. Follow these steps to make the most of CounterGG:

  1. Open countergg, which is organized as a spreadsheet tool with four columns labeled from C to F: "Index," "Image," "Weak Against (Output)," and "Strong Against (Input)."

  2. In column C, you will find a list of all champions in League of Legends.

  3. Proceed to column F, where you should input your chosen champions. To facilitate future inputs, use the format "ChampionName," ensuring the spelling matches exactly with the names in column C (except for the character "*," which can be used as a wildcard).

  4. As you input your champions in column F, countergg will generate an output in column E. This column displays champions that are weak against the index champion based on your input.

  5. During champion select in your ranked games, take note of your opponent's chosen champion. Refer to column C (Index) to find the corresponding index champion.

  6. Next, navigate to the right or the next column to view the champions that are weak against your opponent's pick in the "Weak Against (Output)" column (column E). This data-driven information helps you identify potential counterpicks.

  7. countergg is an individualized tool, meaning the counterpick information you receive is based on your own input. The more champions you input by reflecting on your ranked games' laning phases, the more comprehensive and useful CounterGG becomes. By continually updating your input based on your experiences and thoughts on the matchup, you can refine the counterpick suggestions offered by countergg.

  8. You can always update your input in column F if your thoughts on the matchup change or if you discover new effective counterpicks. By staying engaged with countergg and regularly reflecting on your laning phases, you ensure that the tool continues to provide up-to-date and relevant counterpick suggestions.

By following these instructions and actively updating your input, you can harness the full potential of countergg as a valuable resource for enhancing your champion selection process and gaining an advantage in the laning phase.

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